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The easy and affordable recipe for a well fed lawn.

Fertilizer is nutrition for hungry lawns and the Cullinan Irrigation team has the know-how, experience and just the right recipe to keep your lawn well fed. A healthy lawn is its best defense against weeds. A smart fertilizer program along with proper mowing, aeration and dethatching will result in an optimal growth of grasses that naturally “choke out” problem plants as well as pesky bugs and diseases. And we make it easy with our complete premium fertilization program or a 4-Step do-it-yourself program.

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Cullinan Premium Fertilization Program

Cullinan Irrigation is pleased to offer a Premium Fertilization Program designed to help provide our customers with a healthy, green, and lush lawn. Our promise to you is to always provide quality products, applied at the correct time, for your satisfaction. Below we have highlighted the applications. Dates of service may be subject to change depending on the weather.

  • Application #1:  Applied in May - Crabgrass Pre-emergent
  • Application #2:  Applied in June or as needed - Liquid Broadleaf Controller
  • Application #3:  Applied in July - Weed & Feed
  • Application #4:  Applied in August - Summer Fertilizer
  • Application #5:  Applied in September - Fall/Winterizer

Save 5% when you order by April 1st!

Learn more about the difference our Cullinan Premium Fertilization Program can make for your lawn. Click here or call 763-913-1670 to get a free estimate.

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4-Step DIY Fertilizer Program

Our 4-Step DIY Fertilizer Program starts with the highest-quality, commercial-grade fertilizer available on the market. Fertilizers sold in stores can’t even begin to compare to our product! The fertilizer is delivered directly to you and when applied to your lawn in intervals it will keep your lawn well fed and healthy throughout the entire season. We will even send you email reminders on when to apply!

  • Step 1:  Applied in Mid April - Crabgrass Pre-emergent
  • Step 2:  Applied in Late May - Weed & Feed
  • Step 3:  Applied in Mid July - Summer Fertilizer
  • Step 4:  Applied in Early September/Fall - Winterizer

Only $44.99/bag (50 lbs). • One bag covers 10,000 sq. ft.

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When all four steps are purchased.

To order or learn more about our 4-Step Fertilizer Program, click here or call 763-913-1670.

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